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Let’s pretend I haven’t mentioned the fact that every time I get excited by a new film or TV show it ends up being a piece of poo. Months of torturous anticipation followed by crushing disappointment is just part of a Film/TV addict’s life.

Trailers will always excite me. I will never learn. So here’s the top 5 reasons I’ll  be giggling with excitement and squealing with joy as the summer offerings from the TV gods filter down to my part of the world.

All air dates listed here are all US premieres, so find a way to get your hands on it or be prepared for a bit of a wait if you’re anywhere else in the world. I’ve also included some cleverly cut marketing propaganda trailers to see if I can excite you too.

1 – Orange is the New Black

I have three things to say about this; Jenji Kohan – creator/writer of Weeds. Drug smuggling/women in prison. Netflix streaming entire 13 episodes all at once. Just watch it.

OK, that was four.

US Premiere – July 11

2 – Dexter

It’s (allegedly) the final season for our favourite serial killer. And thank goodness. I thought after Season 1 they’d never be able to make it last. I mean, just how many serial killers are there in Miami for Dexter to kill? How can a whole police department not notice a serial killer working right alongside them? But look at that, they stretched it to 8 seasons and apart from a couple of so-so seasons in the middle there (the same can be said for most long running shows though) it’s remained top quality entertainment.

I really hope Dexter forgives Hannah and they drive off into the sunset to live happily ever after with their brood of slightly messed up kids. But somehow I don’t think it’ll end up quite so tidily.

US Premiere – June 30th

3 – Ray Donovan

Liev Shrieber stars as a ‘fixer’ for the rich, famous and corrupt. It’s on Showtime so you know what that means – lots of violence, swearing and sex. Excellent.

Also L Word fans will be excited to see Shane Kate Moennig returning in a new (lesbian) role.

US Premiere – June 30th

4 – Breaking Bad

OK, so I basically bagged it a while ago in my review, but hello, I put in a lot of hours to reach that opinion, so of course I’ll be putting in 8 more to reach the end of the series and see if I still agree with myself.

US Premiere – August 11

5 – Camp

I have no idea if this will be good, and of all the five it’s the most likely to disappoint. But it has Rachel Griffiths in it and I’ve been missing her ever since Six Feet Under finished (I tried to watch Brothers and Sisters but it put me to sleep). Instead I’ve had to stoop to re-watching Muriel’s Wedding and there’s only so much of that a person can take. Plus, there’s so much murder and drugs in my television life, I think a bit of levity might be good for me. We’ll see…

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a trailer available yet for the UK, but if you go to Camp‘s NBC homepage, you can watch it. Or just click here. Same thing.

Here’s a picture if you’re too lazy for that.


US Premiere – July 10th